Challenging Ministries

Various programmes are implemented for the uplift of the poor especially women and handicapped children. Garment making centre namely Anugraha Garments at Thettiode, Kaliakkavilai and one stabiliser assembling unit namely Mahima Electronics are the two centres where poor women and girls of the village area find means to earn their living. Awareness classes and health education are conducted for the beneficiaries by which they have made tremendous progress in their life style and bahaviour. Sisters visit their houses and share the love and mercy of the Lord. Two centres for the mentally challenged children are run by the sisters at Chenamkode and Thettiode in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. Most of the parents had been ashamed of the presence of a mentally disabled child.They used to keep them closed in rooms when visitors came. The sisters visited the remote areas of the villages where there were several mentally challenged persons and conducted awareness classes to the parents to send them to school. On house visits they were given instructions how to deal with such children. Aseer Vidyalaya at Thettiode and Assisi Vidyalaya Chenamkode are the two schools for such children. Physiotherapy classes are conducted in the two schools by fully qualified instructors. During the past years disabled children unable to walk could walk themselves without the help of others through theraphy. Speech therapy also is given to those who can not speak well. Traning in sports, games and cultural programmes are given to the Mentally Challenged children at the two schools. They have made such progress that they could take part in competitions in sports and games and could win prizes. Improvements in their behaviour and character is so great that now the parents are very happy in the progress of their handicapped children.

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