Evangelization and Faith Formation

The sister who goes for evangelisation must first of all evangelise herself. Lord Jesus is the first missionary.He gave witness to his mission through his passion, death and resurrection.The religious have the duty to continue the missionary activities of Jesus in their lives by living the evangelical virtues and gospel values. The sisters of San Joe Province strive to lead a life a gospel values.They are involved in various pastoral activities like teaching catechism in parishes, paying house visits, conducting prayer meetings, praying Rosary with members of the families and giving awareness classes to women and children.

On house visits we give awareness to the members of the family about the importance of family prayer and the sisters pray Rosary with them, teach them how to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary. Holy Bible, Rosary and good magazines are distributed in the families. These who are going to get married are sent for the pre-marital courses conducted in the diocese. According to the "new evangelisation" programme taught by Pope John Paul II we have to evangelise the non-evangelised and re-evangelise the evangelised. According to the need of the changing times we teach Bible sentences each day to the students and explain the message contained in it.When Pious organisations are conducted, at the beginning one passage from the Holy Bible is read and explained which is followed by a short prayer. The sisters teach them to respect human dignity, their rights especially the value of life, the seriousness of abortin and responsible parenthood.Home Mission Programme is conducted in Thuckalay Diocese very effectively. The sisters of different congregations in the diocese, are engaged in this programme. Three of our sisters are fully engaged in this evangelisation and faith formation programme.Sisters visit catholic families of each parish. Most of the families are baptised Catholics but insufficiently evangelised. Sisters take classes for them, teach them how to pray, hear their problems and give counselling to the needy. Recently prayer centre is started at Azhakiyamandapam. Every first saturday one day prayer is held at Alphonsa Prayer Centre. Adoration, class based on the word of God, Praise and worship, Holy Mass and counselling are the different programmes conducted at this centre. People from nearby parishes attend the prayer programme.

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