Social Service

"Like members of one family we must serve each other, stiriving for the well-being of the society" (Const No. 82 Each convent is engaged in some kind of social work to give consolation and joy to the poor villagers around the convent.Emphasis is given for the empowerment of women and children. According to the decision of the Provincial Synaxis 20% of the income is set apart for social service.Two institiutions, one stabiliser assembling unit at Kattathurai namely Mahima Electronics and another Garment centre,Thettiode namely "Anugraha Garment Centre" were started in 2006 and 2011 respectively.A Balika Bhavan namely Alphonsa Balika Bhavan had been established on 25th October 1985 at Azhakiyamandapam.Now about 15 girls studying from std 1-X are given food and lodging here. They are from poor broken families. Two sisters are incharge of the Balika Bhavan.We try for the spiritual as well as physical well-being of the children. Here in this part of Tamil Nadu many people both young and old are addicted to alcoholism.The sisters visit their houses and get first hand information about the condition of their family.Such people are sent for counselling and medical treatment.The members of their family are given awareness about the bad effects of alcoholism and how to deal with the drunkards.Many of them are taken to retreat centres.

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