Healing Ministry

"When our Lord Jesus Christ was in this world he held many people of their physical and mental diseases.He continues this work today with the help of those who engaged in the care of the sick"(Const. No. 85).Though San Joe Province has no hospitals and dispensaries of its own, four of our sisters are working abroad in hospitals as nurses. Sr.Vineetha and Annett are working at "Spital Zentrum, Oberwallis, Brig Switzerland. Sr. Vandhana and Letha are working at St.Vincentius Krankenhaus. Karlsruhe, Germany. They learned the foreign language and try to express their ideas in the language of German.The nursing sisters share the Love and Mercy of Jesus with the sick.The suffering patients feel the healing touch of Jesus through the hands of the sisters. Besides the nursing duty they give awareness classes to the women on health and hygiene. Along with physical healing the sisters try to impart spiritual healing through prayer and power of the word of God. Many old men and women who do not experience the concern and care of their own children get consolation, concern, care and love from our sisters.They are much grateful to the nursing sisters.

Here in Tamil Nadu our sisters visit the sick and terminally diseased persons in their family and extend helps to them.They clean their wounds, give bed bath to bedridden persons read Holy Bible for them and pray for them. The sick and the suffering people get much relief and consolation.The sisters visit them often and serve the sick with sympathy and tenderness.Following the sublime example of our father St. Francis the sisters visit the hospitals and do the needed help to the poor and the sick

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