"Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom". Education had an important place in our apostolate."True Education aims at the formation of a human person in the pursuit of his ultimate goal" (Const. 81). San Joe Province gives due importance to the apostolate of teaching.St. Michael's Matriculation School, Kattathurai and St. Francis English Medium L.P. School, Mezhakode are two normal schools in the province. Aseer Vidyalaya, Thettiode and Assisi Vidyalaya, Chenamkode are two special schools for the Mentally Challenged children established in the province. Four sisters are working in the schools of the Diocese and three sisters in St. Joseph's High School Pilankalai managed by CMI Fathers.The English Medium Nursery class which was started on 6th June 1984 at Kattathurai has now grown into a fully developed Matriculation School with 905 students and 52 members as staff. The English Medium Nursery class started at Mezhakode in July 1994 has now developed as St. Francis English Medium L.P. School with 350 students and 25 members as staff. Children from families of all castes and religion are admitted in our schools. Throug these institutions we try to imporve the culture of the people inculcating values in the students as well as in the society. Besides, sisters teach catechism conduct awareness classes for parents and also they are engaged in parish work. The two special schools Aseer Vidyalaya Thettiode and Assisi Vidyalaya, Chenamkode were started in 1991 and 2000 respectively. Now altogether 120 M.R. children are given training in these schools.Wonderful improvements are seen in the behaviours and skills of the children. They are given practice in cultural programmes sports and games. They could win prizes and medals in the cultural programmes, sports and gaes. The students are trained in saying prayers and Rosary. arents of these handicapped students are given awareness classes in dealing with their M.R. children. The parents who had once considered their M.R. children as a curse to their family now accept these children as a blessing to the family.

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