assisi F. C Convent, Chenamkode

Place : Chenamkode
Established Year: 2000
Address: Chenamkode, Maniamkuzhy P. O, K. K (dt), Thamil Nadu
Pin: 629161
Phone: 04651 280888

Chenamkode is a village in between Kulasekharam and Pechippara Dam.  On survey it was found that there were a number of Mentally Challenged persons.  There were no special schools in the nearyby areas.  The parents of Mentally Challenged children of  Kulasekharam, Pechippara and other villages requested Sr. Maria, the then Regional Superior of San Joe Region, Thuckalay to start a school for the Mentally Challenged children.  The Regional Council took the decision to start a school and purchased a plot of land at Chenamkode.

The foundation stone for the building was laid by Bishop George Alencherry, the then Bishop of Thuckalay.  On 30th September 2000 the school building was blessed and inaugurated by His Excellency.  From 14th October onwards 3 sisters started to stay on the first floor of the school building.  The convent was named Assisi F.C. Convent and the school Assisi Vidyalaya.  The beginning of the convent and the school  led to the starting of a parish and parish church known as Lourde Matha Church, Chenamkode.  Later an open air stage and two rooms were constructed for the development of the school.  Assisi Vidyalaya  which was started in 2000 with 6 M.R. children and 3 teachers has now developed into a fully flourished special school with 56 children and 13 members as staff.

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